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Cars do not come much more legendary than the BMW. The BMW F10 is a spacious executive saloon, with plenty of room for legs and wedding dresses.

Rental Fee

The rental cost for this car will depend on the distances and to be travelled and the selected options (personalised number plates, champagne & strawberries, additional decorations). The rental fee includes a chauffeur as well as standard car decorations (ribbons, rosettes, flowers ). Please call our office to check the availability and the final rental cost of this car before booking.


The BMW F10 demands attention not just for its mechanical competence, but also for its adoption of cutting-edge technology, elegant styling and roomy, luxurious interior.

The roomy interior, best grade leather upholstery, climate control and electric windows, offer the ultimate in comfort and luxury, especially for longer rides. If you like gadgets, these BMWs will be a treat. Bluetooth hands-free connectivity is standard, as is BMW Emergency Call in the event of an accident. BMW also offers in-car internet, BMW Professional Multimedia, “sat nav”, as well as Apps that allow drivers (and passengers) to Tweet and Facebook while on the move (not that we want to give you any ideas).

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