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Planning A Wedding - Bride vs Groom

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. The date, the venue, the dress, the guest list, invitations, transportation, food, music , photography, flowers, decor, cake and hundreds of other details. Unfortunately, when it comes to planning a wedding, the bride and groom view of planning for a perfect wedding are vastly different and this is often a source of serious conflict between the couples.

According to our research, here are the 5 most common conflict areas:

  1. The Budget – Your partner wants a sit-down steak dinner with all the fixings. You want heaps of garden roses. Both of these things, clearly, cost some major moolah.
  2. Choosing the Wedding Party. It is such a delicate process as it often requires thinking through your entire lifespan, ensuring you consider all those important to you along the way. That said, there are always some politics one has to weed through to maintain proper balance in the selection process.
  3. The Guest List and Table Arrangements  – this subject is a minefield. You’re annoyed that he wants to put your best friend at a faraway-from-you table. She’s annoyed that you think she should break her (huge!) family up into three separate tables so they can mingle with other guests. And so it goes …
  4. The Stag Do and The Hens’ Party –  Between feather boas and phallic drinking bottles, lap dances and jaeger bombs, there is not an event within the wedding planning phase that strikes further separation in style. Trying to recreate the scene from the Hangover will definitely get you into trouble.  The repercussions of a female event usually just a hangover, the repercussions of a man is anywhere between getting a prostitute pregnant to losing a tooth.
  5. Selecting the Appetisers – This decision-making process can easily be called Empress versus the Cave Man. For the ladies, they want that Hors Devours that feel like bow ties and stars, making sure they also fall into the edible spectrum for their great grandmother’s gastro issues.  For the man, he just wants meat.

Have a look at this amusing infographic to see how differently bride and groom think on each aspect of wedding when they are planning their ‘Big Day’.