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Daimler DS 420 Landaulette

Daimler Landaulette is the ultimate wedding limousine, combining traditional elegance and sophistication with the muscle car-like performance.

It is able to accommodate up to seven passengers when the two folding jump seats are used, or offer a lot of space for the Bride and Groom when these seats are stowed away. This is a car of choice if the bride is wearing a full ballgown wedding dress.

Rental Fee

The rental cost for this car will depend on the distances and to be travelled and the selected options. The rental fee includes a chauffeur as well as car decorations (ribbons, rosettes, flowers etc. ). Please call our office to check the availability and the final rental cost of this car before booking.


The Daimler DS420 Landaulette is a large and luxurious limousine, very popular as a wedding car of choice with the celebrities and the Royals. Regarded as the “last of the real limousines”, it was produced by Daimler between 1968 and 1992. The average production was less than one car per day and only 4141 cars were ever made. Therefore the Daimler cars, with their intricate construction and fine detailing, were affordable only by the very rich.

The late British Queen Mother had five of these cars and three DS420 limousines are still in active service with the British Royals. Former users are also the courts of Spain, Belgium, Monaco, Morocco, Jordania, Bahrein, and many presidents. The most eccentric customer was the American billionaire Howard Hughes who had a very special interior fitted, including a toilet under the rear bench.

The car has a privacy screen/glass partition between the main cabin and the chauffeur and a two-way intercom, so you can communicate with the driver. The roof can be taken down on sunny days and can be quickly put back up if the weather turns. The interior is upholstered in white leather with walnut trim and it also includes a beautiful walnut cocktail cabinet to add that final touch of class.

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